The registration has to be done on a dedicated application, called "Azur-Colloque".

Please read carefully the following points before starting to register from the link "Start the registration" at the bottom of this page.

For any specific question concerning registration, please email us at


Registration procedure

The application is composed of seven separated pages, the fields noted by (*) need to be filled:

  1. Registration / Personal information
  2. Registration / Dates (arrival and departure)
  3. Registration / Organization (check the affiliation)
  4. Registration / Payment (choice of the invoice owner)
  5. Registration / Tarification
  6. Registration / Payment Method
  7. Registration / Registration completed

 Note that it is not possible to go back to the previous page after the step 6.


Participants from abroad

Participants from a non-French insitution should only pay by credit card.

On page 6 "Payment method", please select "Online Payment".

On page 7 "Registration completed", finish the payment with the secured link "Go and Pay on Paybox".

You should received an email of confirmation when the registration is completed.


Participants from French institutions or companies

Participants established in France may pay by credit card or by purchase order.

For this latter choice, on page 6, please select "Transfer or Order form". After the page 7, you will receive an email of confirmation with an attached genereted document. It contains a wrong IBAN reference. The correct number is: FR76-1007-1940-0000-0010-0012-288.

Indicate the 'Numéro BC' of the generated "pré-bon de commande" and your name as reference on the purchase order you will edit at your institution.


- if you register as a student (with reduced fees), please send a proof (e.g. student ID card) at

- the students benefitting from the Larry Kaufman or Y. Austin Chang-Pandat scholarship should not register here. They will be registered automatically by the organizers.

- on the contrary, the students benefitting from the STT scholarship should register.


General information

- as already announced, the auditorium cannot accommodate more than 200 people. Given the attendance at the previous Calphad meetings, this should be sufficient. However, please consider that in case of a higher affluence, we will have to limit the number of scientific participants and to close the registration when this number is reached

- the registration fees include all meals but the hotel is not included and has to be booked separately, see

- for detailed description of what is included in the registration, see

- the registration of attendants and accompanying persons should be done separately as two different registrations. Use the correct name of each person and different email addresses.

- cancellation policy: the only acceptable reasons for cancellation and refund are visa denial, death in the close family and disease.

- all incidentals must be taken care of by attendees and are not covered by the registration fees. But sure that your personal or travel insurance covers disease and accident.

- we cannot accept more than one oral + one poster per registered participant so be sure that the number of registered participant corresponds to the number of abstract you submitted

- please specify accurately the dates of arrival and departure. In case you modify, please e-mail us at

- indicate special dietary requirements at step 2


 If you have read the comments above, please start the registration from the link below:

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